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  1. This is what Car Kids does to us... This is what our favorite band does to us... :broken_heart::joy:
  2. Radek

    Los Unidades

    [MEDIA=twitter]1067463060653256705[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/LosUnidades/status/1067463060653256705
  3. anagram: “Unsold Ideas” ;) Update: Never mind . Just a collab...
  4. Radek

    Los Unidades

    Coincidence? I don’t think so... Credits: ColdplayXtra
  5. Radek

    Los Unidades

    DAMN IS THAT REALLY TRUE? :heart_eyes: #CARKIDS https://trademarks.justia.com/877/20/car-87720956.html Filed: 22 Nov 2017 Approved: 16 Nov 2018 Owners: Chris, Jonny, Guy, Will
  6. Radek

    Los Unidades

    Fantastic idea! We know that they've got such a big arsenal of unreleased tracks. Go Coldplay, let's do this!
  7. Radek

    Los Unidades

    Damn, one of the things I love about CP is how they put breadcrumbs all around when something is coming up. Y02LPAC81ODL :)
  8. So, in terms of LP8 - what about Los Unidades...? :)
  9. Hello everyone! I'm back! So glad to be here again after while :party::)
  10. Still waiting for Car Kids...

  11. Please no. I think Coldplay should never release 'the best of' album. I think it's bad idea.
  12. I asked Oracle for ASFOS EP on CD. Today I bought GS (basic version) because I thought that ASFOS EP will be released on CD. I hadn't bought basic GS because i would like to get exclusive tracks on compact disc. I'm very very very disappointed.
  13. yeah i know, but it would mean that Tycho isn't Coldplay's pre show music :)
  14. Radek


    The gost, on Chris Magic lyrics too:
  15. Yeah I've just thought exactly the same thing!! :)
  16. That's right: Why Don't Panic? Is it hit that album is release is near, and we should not panic? What if... :P
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