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  1. Would anyone have the audio that is available on Amazon? I've tried multiple times to purchase it but it seems to be region-locked for me here in Ireland
  2. this is very exciting - i can't wait to see and hear what else is in the pipeline and looking forward to enjoying the ride!
  3. last chorus and bridge have me so buzzed - cannot wait for what else is in store
  4. !!! this is what is moving underneath that transmission !!!
  5. this is what comes up as part of the code when you get the frequency with no talking
  6. hey sorry for being a bother but could you send me both the mp3 and FLAC?

    1. M Marks The Spot

      M Marks The Spot

      Hi. It's okay. :D Yes I could. I'll just DM you.

  7. I think there will probably be a blend of electronic and acoustic production, less bombastic rock and pop. Would love to hear a more sparse laid back sound, I think this could be their Amnesiac by Radiohead. Weird time signatures etc.
  8. Did anyone who ordered from Amazon get a shipping notification yet? Edit: If anyone has a link to the Love In Tokyo album pm me
  9. Hope someone records in 1080p tonight! Tidal streams are always great quality so spare a thought for us Europeans who can't stay up!
  10. Welcome to Coldplaying! Look forward to meeting you more on the forum :) Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  11. This interview was posted a few days ago and is solely Guy and Will! Clips available to stream on Soundcloud: [MEDIA=soundcloud] [/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/der-max-1/sets/coldplay-interview
  12. Hey, so it's pretty late here but I've nothing else to do so I'm gonna review the mixtape that I recieved... It is entitled Mystery Box and came with cool cover art of weird neon lines/cables :) 1). Ambient guitar intro, with Latin american percussion.... building now with a harp, sorta like Florence and the machine... pounding drums, cymbal crashes! Like it a lot, wish it was longer - 8/10 2). Guitar, Bass and drums... I know straight away this is the Chili Peppers! Don't know the song itself but love the groove :D 8/10 3). Weird distorted guitar with shaker, low voice... it
  13. Here is the Will Champion cover story from August's issue of Rhythm Magazine which is available now! [MEDIA=imgur]id=a%2FaJgR1;type=album[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/aJgR1
  14. Right... i have recieved my mixtape and I'm currently uploading mine to a site :D
  15. Added the poster to the first post! Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  16. Right okay, I'm not really good at these things in all honesty but I'm gonna give it my best shot... This is a photo of the island of Ireland... I've noted my location on the photo ☺ The last time Coldplay came here it was 2011, it was at a festival (which is now defunct) and I was just diving into the wonderful weird world of coldplay (how things have changed)... So with no other shows during the MX tour or the AHFOD era (so far) I haven't experienced a coldplay concert... I'm aware that I'm not the only one, but my hopes of seeing them aren't the best at the moment, with exams next year f
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