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  1. hey sorry for being a bother but could you send me both the mp3 and FLAC?

    1. M Marks The Spot

      M Marks The Spot

      Hi. It's okay. :D Yes I could. I'll just DM you.

  2. I think there will probably be a blend of electronic and acoustic production, less bombastic rock and pop. Would love to hear a more sparse laid back sound, I think this could be their Amnesiac by Radiohead. Weird time signatures etc.
  3. Did anyone who ordered from Amazon get a shipping notification yet? Edit: If anyone has a link to the Love In Tokyo album pm me
  4. Hope someone records in 1080p tonight! Tidal streams are always great quality so spare a thought for us Europeans who can't stay up!
  5. Welcome to Coldplaying! Look forward to meeting you more on the forum :) Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  6. This interview was posted a few days ago and is solely Guy and Will! Clips available to stream on Soundcloud: [MEDIA=soundcloud] [/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://soundcloud.com/der-max-1/sets/coldplay-interview
  7. Hey, so it's pretty late here but I've nothing else to do so I'm gonna review the mixtape that I recieved... It is entitled Mystery Box and came with cool cover art of weird neon lines/cables :) 1). Ambient guitar intro, with Latin american percussion.... building now with a harp, sorta like Florence and the machine... pounding drums, cymbal crashes! Like it a lot, wish it was longer - 8/10 2). Guitar, Bass and drums... I know straight away this is the Chili Peppers! Don't know the song itself but love the groove :D 8/10 3). Weird distorted guitar with shaker, low voice... it
  8. Here is the Will Champion cover story from August's issue of Rhythm Magazine which is available now! [MEDIA=imgur]id=a%2FaJgR1;type=album[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: http://imgur.com/a/aJgR1
  9. Right... i have recieved my mixtape and I'm currently uploading mine to a site :D
  10. Added the poster to the first post! Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  11. Right okay, I'm not really good at these things in all honesty but I'm gonna give it my best shot... This is a photo of the island of Ireland... I've noted my location on the photo ☺ The last time Coldplay came here it was 2011, it was at a festival (which is now defunct) and I was just diving into the wonderful weird world of coldplay (how things have changed)... So with no other shows during the MX tour or the AHFOD era (so far) I haven't experienced a coldplay concert... I'm aware that I'm not the only one, but my hopes of seeing them aren't the best at the moment, with exams next year f
  12. Christ Martin Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  13. And now it's over!?! Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  14. Viva and AOAL shown so far, now on an ad break Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  15. Link for streaming (low quality): http://bit.ly/29eu9J7 Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  16. Umm... the tour has been on for months already, and this thread is three/four months old... so, maybe check this http://bfy.tw/6ZDn Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  17. No... I think I'm wrong here Spee oF Sound wasn't played... I was putting 2+2=5 (radiohead reference) hehe... this was on the japanese page for the special and I now know that the mexican channel don't put the programs online afterwards (thanks to ailsbe) so this is going to be very hard to record :( Sent from my SM-G361F using Coldplaying mobile app
  18. Mine is in the final process hope to finish it soon :)
  19. If I'm correct these are the songs that aired in the Japanese airing
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