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I made my first original song. O.o Feedback please?


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Hi! So, I got really bored and originally meant to record two chords that I thought sounded cool so I wouldn't forget them, but I got carried away and made a little groove out of it.


I'm playing all the parts (one guitar, bass, and drums).


[ame=http://soundcloud.com/glarbinator/untitled-1]Untitled by glarbinator on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]


I put my comments in spoilers in case you wanted to listen to it before I point out everything wrong, haha.



It's pretty rough and it's not really a "song" yet because I threw it all together in two days and was making stuff up as I went along. The timing is pretty off as a result. I'm also fairly sure that the drums are pretty weak since that's the last thing I recorded before I stopped because I was sick of hearing myself play, lol.


I guess all I'm wondering is if it's a nice enough groove to develop into polished song?


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Aw yay! I'm glad you all like it! :) Thank you.

Sounds cool! Have you ever heard of the Kings of Convenience?

Reminds me of them. One of my favorite bands.



Oooh that's a lovely song. I've never heard of them before, but I'll definitely look more into their stuff. :)

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