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Emeli Sandé to support Coldplay US tour


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Emeli Sandé to support Coldplay US tour


Emeli Sandé has been confirmed as the tour support act for Coldplay's US shows later this year.


The Brits Critics' Choice winner will travel North America with the Chris Martin-fronted band throughout March in a bid to crack the US music market.




Sandé told the Daily Star: "Coldplay have been so supportive of me, they treat me very well. I want to take my music as far as I can so I will be doing some shows there in March."


Talking about her Brits Critics' Choice Award, she explained: "The award sits on my piano as inspiration when I'm songwriting. There are always some surprises on the night. I won't be performing at the actual Brits but maybe I will play at some of the after-parties."


Meanwhile, Sandé's new single 'Next To Me' placed at number two on the UK midweek chart.


Speaking about the cut, she added: "I wanted to capture that simple soul vibe people like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone did so well."


Sandé's debut album Our Version Of Events is currently on course to top the UK album chart this Sunday.


Watch the music video for Emeli Sandé's new single 'Next To Me' below:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nwdjQmc_N8]Emeli Sandé - Next To Me - YouTube[/ame]



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The March thing is misquoted. This is what she said:


“I want to take my music as far as I can so I will be doing some shows there in March.”


That's from the Daily Star article. So she won't be supporting them in March (Coldplay will only be in the United States for The Secret Policeman's Ball anyway) but probably for the upcoming tour in April/May.

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um, why does Coldplay, darn near the most popular band in the world, even need an opening act? I wish they would play a 2 hour show, but if they are intent on doing only 90 minutes, ok.... I can live with that. I really have no interest in any opening act.


Interesting point. Personally, I love opening acts, but in Coldplay's case I'd rather have them play longer and have no opener at all. Unless of coarse they get someone really special to open for them. But yeah, Coldplay playing for 2 hours sounds good to me!

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