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Upper body workouts


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I need some suggestion for a good upper body workout that'll appeal to the ladies...(I know this is a weird place to ask)...I'm quite the skinny lad. Well, I've got good thick --sexy-- :lol: muscular legs and great abs, but I can't say the same for my bi-s, tri-s and pecs (well they aren't bad but bigger is better).


First- Girls, what do you like in a guy (physically)?


Second- Three things I've been doing:


-An elliptical trainer workout machine, if you know what that is...works your biceps and overall muscle endurance

-Endless amounts of pushups ;)

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Pushups are the best.


Vary the distance apart you keep your hands for well forms pectorals.

Vary where you have your hands in reference to your shoulders to change the work between the biceps and triceps.


For increased resistence ... just do more pushups. Do them on your knuckles, one handed, throwing yourself off the grounds as high as you can (clapping pushups). Elevate your feet to put more of your weight distribution towards the front ... pushups are all you need, and you can do them anywhere.


Do tons of pushups and you'll get that V shape ladies like. Your shoulders are very importance to your posture and appearance. Working them hard will go a long way. Be sure to keep you abdominals tight while you do them so you can also tone your midsection.


Combine pushups with situps and running and there's your routine.

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Yes! Thanks! I thought pushups might be the key to the upper body.


'Cause that's what the fittest guy in our grade does...lots of them and this guy's got serious guns. (Of course, we all call him "Barbie boy" and hate him for stealing all the ladies. That's about to change... :wink3: )

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