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I need help


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Please if anyone has a very good understanding of mental illnesses, or medical knowledge that would help them in understanding them, could you PM me?

Or even if you think you can help in some way. It would be appreciated so much.


You can reply to this thread if you want to, and I will reply back. but I'm not super pushed on talking in the thread. I just want to get the message out there.


thank you!

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^ I saw your avatar and my first thought was "silly, you are a doctor. You're the doctor"



thanks guys :nice:

people have replied to me and are helping me all they can. Plus I made an appointment to go to the doctors next week, so I'm doing what I can to sort this shit out.


THE Doctor not A doctor, see my point :P


gonna sig that if I may :nice:


you're welcome, I hope it all helps as much as possible

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