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Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive


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What's the difference between the two? I'm running low on space on my c drive and need to put my music files/itunes somewhere else. Recommendations?


Would like to spend less than $100 and get a good size of storage space.

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Uhh as far as I know, a thumb drive is just one of those tiny USB flash drives that hold a few gigabytes, whereas an external hard drive is also USB, but it's big (in both size and storage) and can hold several terabytes.


I'm almost certain they make 1TB (~1000 GB) hard drives for around $100 now, and a 500 GB one would be more in your budget, have a look at that.

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Okay, so could I store itunes and my music collection on a thumb(flash) drive. I have more than 5,000 songs and expect that to be expanding.


Or, is it more worth the money to get a hard drive? I'm thinking that it probably might be. But how much does 500 GB hold in terms of music?


As you can tell, I'm not that good with computers and tech, but anyone what the steps are to move itunes and all those folders to a new location, PLUS make more room on my c drive.


I mean, once I transfer my music some place else and delete all that stuff on my c drive, and empty the recyle bin, wil it really clean up space or still remain unseen on my c drive? Hope my question makes sense!



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Uhh I'm no computer expert but I do spend too much time on them :disappointed: so I did my best to help, someone correct me if I'm wrong.


It is a much better value to get an external hard drive, obviously. The amount of space you can get with a $50 hard drive is astronomical compared to a $50 flash drive. But now that I actually did some research, I doubt you really need that, for your purposes. You don't need the space of an entirely new computer for a couple thousand songs.


You can even take the cheap way and just get a $5 flash drive from a convenience store that's 2-8 GB, and move a fraction of the songs at a time. It's pretty tedious but hey, I'd do it, it saves money.


Here's some stuff for you to look at:


32GB and 64GB hard drives: ~$20 and ~$30, respectively





250GB external hard drives: ~$60 and there's one for $10 apparently, though I'm not too sure of the legitimacy of that...




So yeah, it's really up to you. You have several options. But if you've got a bit of time and you're pretty cheap, like I said, you can just spend $3-$5 on this.


Your music library is only about ~20GB.


The new 160GB iPod Classic holds about 40,000 songs, so you do the math, 500GB = 120,000 songs. I cannot honestly believe that anyone holds even a small fraction of that amount of music, hahaha.


Uhh, if you go in iTunes, and right-click on a song, and click 'Show in Windows Explorer', (assuming you have a Windows PC) it shows the folder the songs are all in, and I guess you just right click on those files or folders and you can click 'Send To' that USB drive.


I tried moving something and it doesn't delete the song, it just makes a new copy, so you'll have to delete the original files, y'know, send them to the Recycle Bin and click 'Empty the Recycle Bin' from there. Then it will be gone from the C: drive and it will only be on your flash drive.


If you empty your Recycle Bin, it will be gone forever, yes, but if you just leave it in the Recycle Bin and don't empty it, it will still be taking up space.


If you want to clear up space on your computer, try using Disk Cleanup or Disk Defragmenter, I've heard the latter helps but it takes hours/days to finish and I've never had the patience, so yeah try the first one hahaha


Hope I made sense :wacko:

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Thumb drives are solid state storage and most external hard drives are mechanical hard drives. USB sticks are useful for transporting data between computers but can get lost. Pound by pound an external hard drive can't be beaten (2TB for under £100).


Do you have laptop or desktop?

If desktop easiest way is to install 2nd hard-drive if the case has enough space.

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