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12 Coldplay months of 2012: December ('most popular act' of last decade end their year in the Big Ap

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December 2012


Coldplay nominated for two GRAMMYs




Coldplay landed two GRAMMY nominations, with Mylo Xyloto competing for best rock album and the song Charlie Brown battling for best rock performance, it has been announced today from various media sources, including Coldplay's official site. This takes Coldplay's total career GRAMMY nominations to 26. Mylo Xyloto co-producer Markus Dravs is also up for Producer of the Year. The 55th annual Grammy Awards are to be staged in Los Angeles on February 10.


Best Rock Performance


Alabama Shakes - Hold On

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

Coldplay - Charlie Brown

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care Of Our Own


Best Rock Album


The Black Keys - El Camino

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto

Muse - The 2nd Law

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball

Jack White - Blunderbuss


Coldplay named Best Wembley Moment 2012


Coldplay’s performance at this summer’s Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium has been named the Best Wembley Moment 2012, taking 71% of the votes in a public poll.


Said Chris: “This is a great honour for us. We doff our cap to Capital FM and their amazing summertime extravaganza, and we’re completely humbled by our incredible fans who voted for us. This award is for them - and for our physics-defying crew - and we hope the stone on Wembley Way makes them proud.”




Chris Martin performs at 12-12-12 Sandy Relief fundraiser - duets with Michael Stipe (of REM fame)


Chris Martin joined forces with R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe for a special performance of ‘Losing My Religion’ during the 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden on 12th December.


The team-up was a surprise even to those involved with the planning, and Chris himself seemed humbled to share the stage with one of his heroes. "This is really happening," Chris said, strumming the opening chords to R.E.M.’s biggest hit. Stipe handled most of the lead vocals, but the pair harmonized in spots, and when it was over, Chris poked fun at his duet partner’s recent lack of musical output, saying: "He came out of retirement for that song, and now he’s gone right back in."


It wasn’t the only quip in Martin’s three-song acoustic set, which carried the show past the midnight mark and also included the Coldplay tunes ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Us Against the World.’ Following ‘Viva,’ the oft-self-deprecating superstar rated his own popularity somewhere below that of Britain’s reigning boy band. "I know you really wanted One Direction," he said, "but it’s way past their bedtime."


you can watch full performance here:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kk4PsfDTTjk]Chris Martin at 12.12.12 - YouTube[/ame]


Coldplayers' reviews and new photos of Chris Martin at the 12-12-12 Sandy Benefit Concert in New York (12 December 2012):


I think Chris was great . I think I am one of the few people who liked Viva on the guitar ...really lovely ! He was a bit nervous , which is acceptable considering the Line-up he was a part of! But he has to start to give himself some credit , I thought he would quit all the pop references like one direction and Gangnam Style and talk serious for once considering it was a charity show. But, then again its Chris ... ! I loved his performance and was sooo proud ! Losing My Releigion with Michael Stipe was one of the high points of the show for me . UATW was sooo beautiful , was almost crying! It was all in all amazing , not to mention the suit! [thanks teernabh5]


He was too nervous, if you want to be honest, Viva La Vida didnt work on the guitar and UATW just sounded too disjointed on the piano. I dont really know what he was thinking. The suit seemed a bit inappropriate and he came across a bit goofy whenever he spoke. It was a decent effort though, and a good collaboration with michael Stipe. [thanks Lukestar1991]


I feel like he did get caught a few times in UATW, but otherwise I thought his performance was fantastic. I felt he was in prime performance shape, in my opinion. Maybe it is just because he didn't have to go for any of those high notes. [thanks erynf_1996]


I don't think Viva quite worked on guitar either. I think if you'd have swapped them around (Viva on piano and UATW on guitar) then it would have been better. We've heard Chris do parts of Viva on piano before (a snippet at Glastonbury 2011), and we all know that he's great on guitar in UATW. So maybe swapping them around would have made it better, but it was still good nonetheless. It is Chris Martin afterall, so it's bound to be good! [thanks ColdplaySheffield]


I loved it. I had an exhausting and awful week (semester's finals) and since I watched this performance this afternoon (twice, actually ) all I want to do is: sleep, watch series, listen to this and nothing else. I thought VLV sounded pretty great, although he kinda rushed the end (but he was so excited about his upcoming performance with Michael Stipe that I understand ) and it's weird to hear it without any other instrument or loud "oooh"s. He seemed quite nervous (with such a line-up, and a performance with one of his favourite artists, I guess, that's very much understandable), but damn was he enthusiastic and enjoying himself during Losing My Religion! I mean, it's the case most times, but you could really felt that he was very happy to be there and to perform with Michael Stipe. UATW is lovely on piano, especially the end, imo! However, same as in VLV, it felt weird without hearing Will's voice, or the crowd. Great performance and ohmygod please let next era's clothing be suits, I don't care, Chris won't move on stage it's okay, just daaaammn! [thanks Coeurli]


All three songs were great, although I think the combination of Chris and Jonny, or even Chris and Will is so much better than Chris on his own. Viva was cool, I like the moment when he says "the sound, the sound of drums." UATW was beautiful but lacking in Will. He and Michael Stipe sound good together too. [thanks MosesTheMarshmallow]


I loved the way he arranged each song! Viva on guitar, UATW on piano... And Losing My Religion was beautiful too, their voices together are pretty great. Also, UATW was a perfect choice also considering its meaning: starting over, being alone against all difficulties...!!! He had to sing it! I also loved his joke about One Direction And how he was FINALLY dressed up as he should! I know they'll never use suits for concerts 'cause they're uncomfortable, and if you just consider how much Chris sweats... Suits aren't a suitable choice, no. What else can I say... He amazes me every time, and I'm so proud of him (and the rest of the band). I'm so proud. [thanks Dany93]


STYLISH performance. My opinion: Viva on acoustic guitar works better than piano versions, that I have heard. Don’t know why, but for me Viva with Chris alone on piano becomes boring after first verse. With acoustic guitar performance was more energetic and ryhtmic. And with suit on, that was just stylish. Also good idea to perform Losing My Religion with Michael Stipe. Us Against the World on piano is even more calming than on guitar and that worked well in that setlist. But like always, Chris performing alone looks a bit nervous and lost. [thanks CP-EST]


How great to see Michael Stipe and Chris Martin (looking very dapper in his nice suit it must be said!) performing together again. Now that is a PROPER collaboration I would love to see. [thanks howyousawtheworld]


As for the performance. Yeah he looked nervous the first seconds, but after that he performed fine. I enjoyed this acoustic version of Viva La Vida better than other piano versions he has perfomed. This is just my opinion though. I think Chris Martin killed it with UATW, and of course that Michael Stipe duet was great. My only complaint? It was only 10 minutes. [thanks guda4siempre]


He wasn't there to sell his album, to sell the MX theme, so the MX outfit would have been inappropriate. I am biased, I am a fan of the suit. Everyone here who said the suit was appropriate and fitting to the event was spot on. I hate it when people underdress for occasions (even though Chris has done that in the past!) [thanks kittybitty]


I don't understand what could possibly be inappropriate about wearing a suit to an event like this. Or to any event, for that matter (unless it's a pajama party). But yeah, I'm biased as well. Just watched the performance and I thought he was brilliant! A bit rushed during Viva, but it was very refreshing to hear on an acoustic guitar. LMR with Michael Stipe was amazing and so was UATW on piano. He sounded great. [thanks Blue Nails]


Wow, I just went through the whole thread. Thank you for posting those great pictures and videos!!! I woke up a bit earlier (believe me that normally NEVER happens ) and I wasn't disappointed. THE SUIT: first of all, from a fangirl point of view --> flippin hot. But not only that: also very classy and elegant and respectful. I loved Chris' performance, truly. I love how presented himself. And his jokes are always priceless. Viva on the guitar was very, very beautiful, I thought. And UATW on the piano was so great and emotional. WOW. Just wonderful. We are very lucky to have heard these two songs performed in a quite unusual way. The performance of Losing My Religion was also amazing. He persuaded Michael Stipe to come and sing, that's awesome It sounded great, and Chris was a real fanboy. So, I really loved it, it was short, but just great. [thanks [email protected]@]








Naked Brisbane man finds Paradise at recent Coldplay concert, fined $800


We all know that Coldplay can have a pretty strong affect on their followers, and an Australian fan did his best to prove this point at the band’s recent visit down under for their Mylo Xyloto tour, wrotes Tone Deaf, Australian music magazine.


You will remember that Coldplay played a string of massive stadium shows last month, with the Tone Deaf reviewer labelling the Sydney leg a 'successful night of undying spirit and celebration [that] proved they’re worthy of the title of the biggest band in the world.'


One 34-year-old Brisbane fanatic seemed to agree, experiencing an unfortunately-timed rush of blood to the head that led to him stripping naked and assaulting a security guard at the show at Suncorp Stadium, as Stuff.co.nz reports. His excuse? "Coldplay made me do it." Well, the reviewer did label the Sydney show 'euphoric and boundless.'


Robert John Kiunisala was one of 50,000 adoring fans at the Coldplay show in Brisbane last month, and was so overcome with emotion by the performance that he felt the need to get naked. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that he was apparently not under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at the time, but rather “the intoxicant was his extreme feeling for the group,” according to Mr Kiunisala’s lawyer, “it triggered in him some primal response.”


In an unknown point of the show (our bet is during Paradise), the fan was compelled to strip down to his underwear amongst the sprawling masses, and after spotting the warning sign of a nearby security guard, preceded to remove his undies and give the 50,000-strong crowd an obstructed view of his rear end. It was around this point that the 34-year-old came to the shocking realisation that “I’m naked in front of thousands of people,” – in the words of his lawyer – and attempted to flee. The Coldplay devotee then discovered that the hardest part of being in your birthday suit amongst thousands of people is avoiding the security guards.


Kiunisala allegedly bit a guard who tried to restrain him for “up to a minute”, and has since appeared in front of the Brisbane Magistrates Court on the charges of unlawful assault, obstructing police, police nuisance, failure to leave a licensed premises, and obstructing a licensee. Having found himself in a lot of trouble, the man was sentenced to two years probation, with Magistrate Liz Hall labelling the behaviour “out of character” and accepting that Kiunisala’s plea that he was not drunk at the time, taking into account a letter form his girlfriend which called his behaviour “unbelievable and bizarre.”


The Magistrate also (unsurprisingly) advised him to seek help: ”Clearly you need to obtain some knowledge of why you would behave in such a fashion…where a person is seriously assaulted by you,” she said, ordering he pay the security guard $800 in compensation. The Brisbane show was the last of Coldplay’s huge Australia-wide tour, and it may well have been Chris Martin’s hints of an extended hiatus that led to the odd behaviour. Chris stated on stage that: "This is the last big show for three years or so…I don’t want to stop."




Coldplay announced as 'most popular act' of the last decade on Last.fm


Last.fm is celebrating a decade of scrobbling with a data haul encompassing the last decade of music – and Coldplay have come out winners, it has been revealed by MusicWeek in the past few days.


Coldplay have been crowned as the most popular act on the platform over the last 10 years while Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was the most popular track. British music dominated both artists and tracks of the last decade, with half of the Top 10 Best Artists of the Decade hailing from the UK.


Along with Coldplay, three other British acts – The Beatles, Radiohead and Muse - dominate the top spots on the list and seven of the Top 10 tracks are performed by British artists including Oasis, Kings of Leon and Muse. Despite the strong British presence on the list, Lady Gaga is the only solo artist to appear in the Top 10 Artists and Top 10 Songs list from the past decade.


Also of note, Pulp’s reunion in 2010 caused the biggest spike in scrobbles beating the likes of the Spice Girls, Led Zeppelin and The Police. Music fans went wild with excitement at the band’s reunion after 15 years apart. "We are really excited to be releasing such rich data about the last 10 years of music," said director of Product at Last.fm Steve Whilton. "We have been able to provide a unique and vivid insight into 10 years of music listening, with our listening history captured from over 600 music platforms and hardware devices across the world. Some of the highlights include the most listened to artists, the top loved tracks and the most deleted 'guilty pleasures' of the last decade."




"Merry Christmas from Coldplay" doodle




Uncasville review: Coldplay celebrate humble '29th December' at the Mohegan Sun Arena




Chris Martin wanted to make December 29th a date to remember; he used his bully pulpit at the sold out Mohegan Sun Arena on Saturday night to lobby for "humble December 29" to be revered in the way we think of more prominent annual dates like December 25, December 31, and July 4, writes Mass Live in a featured review of Coldplay's show at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT (29 December 2012). "We want to make this the most memorable night of your life," he declared at the outset of a 90 minute performance. "So every year when December 29 rolls around, you will celebrate."


Whether or not the 10,000 or so fans gathered in the Connecticut woods will be holding an annual celebration remains to be seen, but Coldplay made a solid effort at turning an ordinary arena concert into something memorable. Yes there were a lot of props and lasers and suspended video boards that some might consider gimmicky. But sometimes gimmicky equates to memorable...


The pomp and circumstance began at the front door, where each patron was handed a Coldplay-labeled bracelet. It continued when those bracelets lit up on musical cue to the opening song “Hurts Like Heaven” and the arena was drenched in brilliant, bouncing colored lights. The confetti cannons were emptied next, colors equally bright, creating a buoyant feeling in the room during “In My Place.”


In a move that seemed like they were emptying every arrow from the quiver, the band released giant inflatable globes that bounded across the top of the crowd during “Lovers in Japan.”


The music was fine. The pageantry was stunning. There were quieter, more musical moments, just to remind the faithful that this is a solid band with live performing chops and songs that have a flow and grandeur. The best of those moments included “Yellow” which started on Martin’s piano before the band joined in, and “Warning Sign” which was sung with the whole group out at the end of a catwalk that extended across the arena floor. The band saved the last surprise for the encore, appearing out at the back of the hall to play acoustically on songs like “Us Against The World” and “Speed of Sound."


They made their way back through the crowd to ignite the main stage with closing songs “Clocks” and “Fix You.” Naturally 7 performed an opening set of acapella, beat box and R&B-styled songs that included a cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight,” and the George Harrison-penned Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”




New York (first night) review: ‘Cold’ sizzles in Brooklyn (30 December)




If You’re the kind of person that thinks of rock ‘n’ roll as the language of society’s outsiders, kicking back against the world in the loudest and most obnoxious way possible, then you should never, ever go and see Coldplay, writes the NY Post in a featured review of Coldplay's first show at the Barclays Center in New York (30 December 2012).


For some time, the British band has been a well-oiled entertainment machine, and last night at Barclays Center their vast array of bells and whistles took up almost as much focus as any of their songs. There probably isn’t a crowd in the world that Chris Martin can’t coax into excitement and even though the band is due to play a New Year’s Eve show at Barclays with Jay-Z tonight, the front man was determined to get the party started early. “No one ever spares a thought for poor old December 30th,” he chirped. “Tomorrow’s just a ‘warm down’ for this show!”


Indeed, for the first half- hour, it was more like being at a pageant than a pop concert. Crowd members were given light-emitting bracelets upon arrival, which flashed in sync to opener “Hurts Like Heaven” and numerous other tracks, thus creating a spectacular human light show. Gigantic blasts of confetti also accompanied the rousing chorus of “In My Place” and the release of huge inflatable balls rounded off a robust run-through of “Major Minus.” It’s a shame they weren’t in town a month ago because, with tricks like that, they would have been a smash at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


But thankfully, Coldplay allowed their chops to slowly cut through the choreography. Almost 15 years on from their formation, they still have a small army of naysayers who gleefully write them off as wimpy and whiny. It’s an accusattion that the quartet make a point countering by giving songs like “Violet Hill” and “God Put A Smile On Your Face” a thunderous make over. It’s here that the Chris Martin show temporarily takes a break and the other members of the band get their chance to shine, especially guitarist Jonny Buckland, who can elicit a truly remarkable palette of sounds from his ax. The only thing that stands between him and guitar-hero status is the fact that he dresses like a soldier who’s just been kicked out of the army for being too unfashionable.


But the quartet rarely indulge themselves musically. Instead, the main concern is taking the show to the crowd — in every possible sense. Aside from the main stage, the band also utilizes a second stage in the middle of the arena from where they deliver an electronically driven version of the Rihanna duet “Princess Of China,” with Ri-Ri adding her part via a pre-recorded video playback. Martin even throws in an acoustic encore from the back of the arena, while standing touching distance from the delighted fans stuck in the cheap seats. If it all sounds like one pandering gesture after another, that’s because it probably is. But there’s no denying the outcome. As the house lights go up, 18,000 visibly excited fans walk out singing the band’s harmonies in unison and go home feeling that they weren’t just spectators to Coldplay’s show, but that they were actually part of it. Now, that really is entertainment.




New York (second night) review: Coldplay rock the house with Jay-Z in Midnight Stunner (31 December)


Hold up, hold up! That's show is not until tonight......! (review to be added)


2013.... LP6 progress?


Ology's LP6 preview: What to expect on Coldplay's sixth album...


Despite rumours to the contrary, Coldplay will not, in fact, be taking a three-year break now that they've almost finished their extensive world tour behind last year's Mylo Xyloto, writes Ology in their blog already previewing Coldplay's sixth studio album (it was published on 30 Nov but let me off here ok :p). Read on for the rest of the article...


As clarified by NME, Chris Martin recently told an Australian audience that they'd be away for three years. (Translation: it'll be another three years before Coldplay writes, records, releases a new album and then makes it back down under on their next tour. Isn't all that confusing to me, but whatever, shrug.)


Instead, the band will head back into the studio to begin work on their sixth and definitely easier to pronounce album. In the meantime, the inevitable guessing game begins: where can Coldplay take their ever-changing sound next? Even deeper into the dense modern pop textures of Mylo Xyloto, or back to the lush post-Britpop acoustics of their early work? Let's weigh a few possibilities…


Mylo Xyloto Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo: Coldplay bets all their aesthetic chips on the plush, neon-colored sugary pop goodness that populated their last album. We're talking duets with Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Lil Wayne… the whole works.


Likelihood: For better or worse, Coldplay hasn't stuck with one particular sound from album to album. Sure, X&Y was maybe a semi-watered down Rush Of Blood To The Head… so it's possible they'll retain some of the "Princess Of China" sheen of Mylo Xyloto on their next release. But a "not broke, don't fix it" follow-up seems unlikely.


Verdict: Nah.


The proper follow-up to Parachutes that old school curmudgeons keep screaming for: Coldplay gives the keyboards and day-glo wristbands a rest and returns to the densely introspective, gray afternoon on an even grayer beach style of their acclaimed debut album.


Likelihood: As much as I'd kill to hear Chris Martin write songs like "High Speed" and "We Never Change" again, I don't think that a return to the sadder, quieter side of Coldplay would bode well with the band's arena-flocking, hands in the air audience. Wishful thinking, but well, yeah.


Verdict: If only.


An entirely new direction that none of us saw coming: Coldplay defy all conceivable expectations and invent an entirely brand new sound that will alienate most fans and call down buckets of "hail, hail!" from the band's cynical critics. Folk-step? Jazz-DM? Cabaret-metal? The possibilities are (unfortunately) endless.


Likelihood: I wouldn't hold my breath for anything so drastic, but it's very likely (and appropriate) that Coldplay would want to make a major step forward or to the left or right of the last album's sound into something entirely different. Mylo Xyloto brought them, I think, to a major stylistic crossroads—they can go anywhere they want to from here, and the opportunity to surprise and confound will, I expect, prove too enticing.


Verdict: upwards-leaning "Eh."


A "classicist" Coldplay album that incorporates both old and new styles while maintaining the same lyrical, melodic and sonic elements that has made each of their previous records sound Coldplay-esque: Um, yeah, what he said.


Likelihood: Very. Honestly, does Chris Martin have any need or desire to reinvent the wheel? Wouldn't it be great to just hear a "proper" Coldplay record again? One with the immediately classic songs of Rush Of Blood paired with the experimental twitch of Viva La Vida and crossover appeal of Mylo Xyloto?


Verdict: Yes, please!


Happy 2013 everyone. Let's hope THIS page is full by next year!

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Thanks for the review! :D


121212 concert was definitely a highlight for me, but December was full of them!


Let's indeed hope next year is ful of LP6 news cof and cof a Latin America cof tour cof cof


Thanks again and happy 2013 everyone!

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THANKS for a wonderful review of December 2012. There were so many great moments / events to vote for, but I chose Chris' performance for charity - Viva la Vida, Losing my Religion with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe and then Us against the wall on 12.12.12 for Sandy Relief - as the highlight to vote for.



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