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New keyboard HELP/recommendations


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Hellloooo :) I want a new keyboard because I use mine all the time, I love playing and learning new songs, but I have a crappy one at the minute, it was good, to learn on, to begin on, but it's not even touch sensitive :|.


What ones would you guys recommend, not too expensive, but willing to pay decent amount?

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Hi Mollyxyloto,


what are you exactly searching for? A keyboard, a "stage piano" or an electronic piano?


I'm not an expert, so my advice just bases on my personal experience(s):


As a stage piano I use the Yamaha P-90, that costs around 500 Euros. If you use it with the default speakers, the sound is some kind of scary. But if you want to use it with external speakers or headphones, it is (in my opinion) a cool device.


At home I am using a Yamaha CLP 230 (an electric piano) and I really really love it.


If you don't have to hurry up with buying a new device - and if you like electric pianos at all and if you don't want to spend about a thounsand Euros: Don't underestimate the second hand market. There are so many people who start learning piano with an electric one and some time later they realize, that they need a real piano / no e-piano at all.

My device costs around 1500 euros, if you actually buy it in a store. I bought a second hand device from a family who has bought a real piano for about half the price. I can highly recommend that :)


Hopefully I could help you!



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