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Cowboy Bebop


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Ok, I just finished watching the Cowboy Bebop movie, and I must tell you,

YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SEE THIS! Even if you don't like anime for whatever reason, this movie is amazing! I'm buying the soundtrack too, the first chance I get. I'd have to say this ties with, if not beats the Matrix for my movie favorites. The soundtrack and visuals were amazing, and the story line is very thought provoking and the lead villain is chilling. I'm not going to tell you why this guy is so scary, but I will say you must watch this movie!

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Fey Valentine, Edward, Spike and Jet are Bounty Hunters and Fey gets an assignment and they find that it goes much deeper than an easy little bounty hunt, they stumble upon a mass terrorist attack and a terrorist with a huge bounty(I don't remember what it was, it wasn't normal currency). An explosin kills many people and people in the city that were exposed to the smoke also died, Their bodies didn't seem to have anything wrong with them at all. The doctors had no idea why they were dying. No leads, no evidence, no suspects. Thats all I shall tell you! Except that the lead villain is really scary(He grabs spikes stomach so hard that he starts bleeding).

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Ok fine I'll tell you more! You don't need to beg like that. No! I won't tell you more argh. I'll tell you a little. The last thing in the movie, the screen goes black and in the corner it says "Are you living in the real world?" Ok thats all. :sneaky:

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hah! I found the lyrics for Ed's song(3.14), when she's hacking the medical site. This is the English translation:


Circle's an eye ball

Circles are pretty

Circle's taste wonderful

just like black grapes


Triangle's a moment

Triangles are fast

The fish's tail



Square's the sky

Squares are wide

Flowers are good to chew

it's good that there are many



:lol: Ed is messed up. ;)

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