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Hurts Like Heaven (Coldplay Remix with Extended Guitar Solo)


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Hello Coldplayers,

I'm looking for the 2011 Coldplay Remix of the song Hurts Like Heaven which saw the light for a few seconds during the presentation of the show David Letterman with Coldplay.

Why am I looking for it?

1st. It features a Jonny guitar solo loop which SOUNDS AMAZING!

2nd. Sounds like a different song mix we've never heard before.

3rd. Looks like Coldplay made that mix in studio.

4th. It's one of my favourite Coldplay songs, it has lots of notes and different sounds. It's one of the best over produced Coldplay songs. Hurts Like Heaven FTW.


So if you know it or you know what's it called or where to get it, would you please share it with me! Thank you so much. :cool:

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That sounds awesome. Man I love this song. Not sure if it is because I can attribute it to a happy time in my life or just because it is so amazingly produced. SO MANY COMPLEMENTING LAYERS UPON LAYERS RAINBOWS POURING OUT OF GUITARS AND ELECTRONIC DAZZLES. Gosh, really is my favorite MX era song now that I think of it...

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