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Dutch Bands


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Okay maybe i'm blowin my own calvinistic dutch trumpet here a bit, but there are quite some good bands from over here, which i believe the whole world should known. :)


[video=youtube;R0in-rMca2k]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0in-rMca2k Kensington - Live @ Lowlands Festival 2014. Kensington is a band been around since 2007, played in almost every tiny bar and club around the country. I love them, very strong songmaterial and a great, great live show.



The Silverfaces - Thoughts Of You (live @ 3fm): A band is kind of recently discovered. They are a band since this year! Gotta love the female drummer and bass player. Think Jack White, think Black Keys.



Sorry for stalkin ;) I'm really curious what you guys think of those two bands :)

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I'm very much listening to Racoon recently (which is a Dutch band). I think they're the best Dutch band that has ever existed, which is my personal opinion. They're might be not the kind of band that you will like looking or listening at first sight, but some of their songs do absolutely sound as if it's written by an English (rock/pop)band.

Here are some songs of which I think they are amazing and very well written: (By the way; I know from my own experience that you really have to get used of the leadsinger's way of singing. He writes beautiful lyrics though)

RACOON: Love You More


Liverpool Rain


Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/CVnwKHCrVgE


Shoes Of Lightning


No Mercy (You might know this song)


Bring It On (My favorite of theirs)


More raw performance of the song which I prefer:


Almost Made It



I hope you have taken the time to listen to this great Dutch band. You don't often see such a good band in The Netherlands.

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There is one song they did in Dutch, because it was written for the leadsinger's sister who died years ago, in order to tell the message more strongly.

This song became a huge hit in The Netherlands. It's still their biggest hit. Its chorus has beautiful/powerful guitar chords in it. Like I have said, I know it takes time to get used to this band, but you have to believe me, they make really nice music. They have become one of my favourite bands for nearly a year now.


They once performed the english version of 'Oceaan' which obvious means 'Ocean'

Maybe it's better to start with this video to understand the message of this song (For english-speaking people :D)


Mobile Link: https://youtu.be/wEjnQ3NkJsw

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