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I'd like to visit chile! Btw you guys stole the coast off of Bolivia!!! ;) I am totally kidding...i don't get into those things...what is past is past. But, really it looks like a cool country! But, is it the largest country on earth?

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Yes it is, and don't say that stupid thing about Bolivia cuz you don't what happened really [there was a War and and Pery & Bolivia did an 'aliance' and they attacked us on the North, while the Argentinians threated uson the South, so we beated them 'the Confederacion Peru-Boliviana] and we 'got' the sea, so what you win on the battle field it's yours! [And it has been part of our territorie for more than 100 years, so don't start with that now!]

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Sternly...you wanna make me visit Chile! i wanted visit Argentina in South America for sure, specially to Buenos Aires. :cool:


Chile: you can say it's the longest country, may be. not the largest, for sure. :rolleyes: largest would be Russia, I think, even after the break-up of the FSU.

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Argentina is fine [but If you go to the border with Chile it's horrible] but I must say Chile is marvellous [but Argentina is cheaper, especially If you are carrying Dollars] and it's more like 'Latin America' than Argentina :smug:


And we are the longest country, more than Russian, believe me! :D

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yeah right :lol: :lol: that's why they used their jungles and forests in "Dinosaurs", Disney's animated movie.


(If you didn't know, Venezuela, Australia and New Zeland were the locations used to film the backgrounds where the CGI dinosaurs were going to be)


Venezuela is the BEST :lol:


- Antonio

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