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Just came back from watching Unbroken...


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I just have to say..

The placement of Miracles was so perfect, in my opinion.


It was a great film overall (again, my opinion), and the fact that they put a Coldplay song at the end made it better!


Yeah, it was mostly the credits, but the song started a little before...and...goodness...I cried my eyes out in the theatre. Oh, the emotions!

I love this song, and hearing it in the movie made it like it even more :)


Did anyone else watch it? What did you think?

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Just went to go and see it myself (well, yesterday afternoon).


First of all I really enjoyed the film. The gritty realism made it almost painful to watch at times. Not the best film of 2014 by any stretch, but I'll certainly go out and buy the DVD when it comes out.


As an above poster said, the song's placement is incredible. After an incredible journey of pain and defiance, to have this happy, joyous song over the end credits is excellent. It's made me appreciate the song a bit more now, though I already adored it. It gives the impression of hope, and it's a fitting tribute to an incredible man.


RIP Louie Zamperini.

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