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  1. Sorry if people have already asked - but, is there a decent recording of this concert going around?
  2. Try explaining that to their packed concert halls full of 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings...
  3. I'm going to say Ghost Stories, just to piss off every "Oldplayer" going. In all seriousness, I would say Viva as well. AROBTTH is great, but the tie-breaker for me is the fact that I don't hate any song on Viva. On AROBTTH, I can't bloody stand "A Whisper".
  4. With your point being what, exactly?
  5. I have to admit, on first listen, I have really enjoyed the album. However, my concern is that the transition between certain songs just doesn't work. It's too sudden and/or incongruous. So I started playing around and came up with the following revised track list (Miracles included!): 1. A Head Full of Dreams 2. Amazing Day 3. Army of One & X Marks the Spot 4. Birds 5. Everglow 6. Kaleidoscope 7. Adventure of a Lifetime 8. Fun 9. Hymn for the Weekend 10. Miracles 11. Up&Up 12. Colour Spectrum Having Colour Spectrum offers a sort of Life in Technicolor-The Escapist transition that adds a degree of circularity to the record. Have you changed the track listing at all in your own playlists?
  6. Written In Graffiti


    Outstanding. Don't understand all the hate the mastering is getting on here. I really, really don't.
  7. Why did they need to talk over this beautiful piece of music?! :(
  8. The live version is almost soulless... but the album version with the strings... oh my. So, so stunning. 9/10
  9. I was expecting this to be utter garbage going by what I'd been told on this forum. It's better than Army of One. Army of One should be the hidden track behind X Marks the Spot.
  10. So.. AHFOD is Coldplay channelling their inner U2. If Chris wasn't signing on this, I'd think this was The Script. Now, there's nothing wrong with The Script. I've actually seen them live twice and quite like the band. But shouldn't it be The Script parodying Coldplay, and not the other way round? It's a listenable track, but not particularly memorable.
  11. Without the voiceover... this would have been a lovely, lovely interlude. Oh well.
  12. This is fantastic. What a brilliant collaboration. I never hated Princess of China (I liked the acoustic version that was released), but I find it's the song I almost always skipped on MX. This, however, is joyous listening. The two vocals complement each other so, so well. Typical atmospheric guitar from JB and Guy, again, proving he's the star of this album. 9/10. Easily the best song on the album - so far - on my first listening. However this is as far as I've got with my first listen!
  13. I really actually quite like this song. Clearly isn't the best on the record, but it's listenable, and going by the above, it's pleasant live as well.
  14. Loved it on first listen. From the clips on Instagram, I thought this would be the one I would hate.
  15. Only listened to it once... but in between "Birds" and "Everglow", on that first listen it was pretty "meh". Though I often have to listen to songs several times before coming to a definite judgement.
  16. I quite like it. But obviously it's too mainstream for people who want another AROBTTH and can't seem to accept that the band are moving elsewhere with their sound.
  17. What about people who love MX/GS, and/or don't feel a need to dismiss "new" Coldplay?
  18. Just went to go and see it myself (well, yesterday afternoon). First of all I really enjoyed the film. The gritty realism made it almost painful to watch at times. Not the best film of 2014 by any stretch, but I'll certainly go out and buy the DVD when it comes out. As an above poster said, the song's placement is incredible. After an incredible journey of pain and defiance, to have this happy, joyous song over the end credits is excellent. It's made me appreciate the song a bit more now, though I already adored it. It gives the impression of hope, and it's a fitting tribute to an incredible man. RIP Louie Zamperini.
  19. Miracles is just like Magic. And that, in my opinion, is a very good thing. I love Atlas but Coldplay are heading in the feel-good direction. Miracles fits in well with the ETIAW, Charlie Brown, DLIBYH vibe of MX and also fits nicely alongside Magic, Ink and ASFOS.
  20. Well I'm a Coldplay fan and I quite like them tbh.
  21. It'll be a crowd-friendly setlist, IMO. AIMH will naturally be the opener. Paradise, Charlie Brown, Viva, ETIAW, The Scientist, Yellow, etc. Expect ASFOS, Magic and perhaps Midnight from GS.
  22. The popular consensus on here is that O is amongst most people's top three songs on Ghost Stories. I remember, after MX was released, that there was a similar thread regarding Charlie Brown, asking whether it was Coldplay's best-ever song. Charlie Brown is Coldplay at their energetic best, but, for me, it isn't them at their most organic and stripped-back. O, on the other hand, is. I'm not asking whether you think O is better than Charlie Brown, or whether it is THE best song they have ever recorded. But I'm intrigued as to whether people think the song is amongst the best they have ever recorded. For me, it is the "Amsterdam-moment" of Ghost Stories, and is most definitely my "NEW" favourite Coldplay track.
  23. We won't get a tour, IMO. Probably because they're already in the studio writing LP7, I imagine!
  24. Still the best song on the album, IMO! Tied with Fly On, at least.
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