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When Paradise conquered the UK charts (including X-Factor decision)


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From Coldplaying.com homepage


<a href="http://www.coldplaying.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/coldplayparadise.jpg"><img src="http://www.coldplaying.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/coldplayparadise.jpg" alt="When Paradise conquered the UK charts" width="725" height="391" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-46159" /></a>

<strong>Exactly three years ago, Coldplay started off 2012 in style, with <em>Paradise</em> storming the UK single charts for the top position, for the second time since <em>Viva La Vida</em> reached the number one spot in 2008. The success of Paradise in the UK was largely inspired by the band's X-Factor gamble.</strong><!--more-->



The band were contemplating whether to perform at the X-Factor final in the UK on 11th December 2011. The popular UK show has always split opinions of music fans. Critics of the music talent show dislike the 'manufactured' nature of the show and hundred's of thousands of music fans revolted against the X-Factor two years earlier, <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8423340.stm" title="Rage against the machine X-Factor" target="_blank">by supporting the Rage Against The Machine campaign which toppled the monopoly</a> that the reality show had on the Christmas number one spot every year. Supporters of the TV show praise the opportunity the reality series gives to aspiring singers and it's broad, family friendly appeal.



A week before the decision was made on November 23rd, Coldplay ruled themselves out from performing on the live final, at Wembley Arena, London. Will Champion and Guy Berryman were against playing on the show, while Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland and creative boss, Phil Harvey were in favour of their live debut on the X-Factor. Coldplay had to consider whether it was right for them to perform on the show which was seen as a 'no go' area for rock or alternative acts and potentially facing criticism as a result or playing live within a setting they haven't experienced before, likely gaining new fans and extra single/album sales in the process.



In times of disputes, Coldplay's drummer, Will revealed the band's inspiration for overcoming differences :



<blockquote><strong>If one of us is down about something generally it can be resolved by grabbing some guitars and playing a Smiths song.</strong></blockquote>



The band agreed to perform live and to visit uncharted territory for a band of Coldplay's nature but on a few conditions: They would not perform a duet with the other X-Factor finalists and will play the songs of their choice with having to change anything. Chris was keen to try out the experience of the X-Factor and was grateful for the opportunity (Speaking to Absolute Radio) :



<blockquote><strong>We really feel grateful for it because they don’t often have bands on, and we get to play what we want to play and play songs that we wrote, and no-one’s asking us to change anything. It’s amazing. There’s no other TV show, really, except for Jools Holland, that gives you that.</strong></blockquote>



11th December arrived and it was showtime for Coldplay, who performed in front of perhaps their largest audience, of 17 million British viewers on live TV. The fantastic Xylobands were ever present for the two tracks performed on the night, <em>Charlie Brown</em> and <em>Paradise</em> as Coldplay rocked out the X-Factor in perfect fashion, letting their music do the talking!






Their performance on peak-time television did wonders for their sales, as expected, with fifth album <a href="http://www.coldplaying.com/coldplay-round-up-mylo-xyloto-sees-x-factor-impact-charlie-brown-video-shoot-insight/" title="Mylo Xyloto rise" target="_blank"><em>Mylo Xyloto</em> experiencing a 132% week on week rise </a>. <em>Paradise</em>, which was a moderate top 10 hit in the UK singles charts previously, benefited the most, with a meteoric rise into the second position on Christmas release week. Just as the second single from Mylo Xyloto joined the number two club with <em>In My Place</em> and <em>Speed of Sound</em>, it's sales continued to grow, as the X-Factor winner of 2011 dropped down the charts and <strong>Coldplay found themselves on top of the perch for the new year. Coldplay earned their second number one single, with Paradise!</strong>



The result of Coldplay's second number one was due to their X-Factor performance and the post-Christmas 'gift card effect', which boosted their iTunes sales considerably. Could Paradise of been such a big hit in the UK without the X-Factor? Probably not but their song was gaining popularity worldwide and despite being a moderate chart hit in most countries, the official video on Youtube was gaining a plethora of views, with <em>Paradise</em> becoming extremely popular on streaming services such as Spotify.






Coldplay not only conquered the UK charts on New Years Day in 2012 but their third track from <em>Mylo Xyloto</em>, <em>Paradise</em> left a lasting legacy in the catalogue of the band's hits.

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