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Ghost Story - Official Music Video


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This song should be on the GS album really because it really fits so well. Would be good for 10 songs instead of 9.


And somehow I remember GPASUYF music video with b&w background. I dont know if thats just me.

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Coldplay may have released its album Ghost Stories a year ago, but the band is not done telling its heartbreaking tales. Today (March 9), Chris Martin and co. dropped the simplistic new music video for the track "Ghost Story," taken from the May 2014 A Sky Full of Stars EP.

Unlike more storied music videos from recent Coldplay clips such as "True Love," "Magic" and even "A Sky Full of Stars," "Ghost Story" keeps things simple and to the point, highlighting the band in performance mode.

Shot in greyscale, "Ghost Story" almost makes the band itself look like ghosts, as the camera pans from one shot to another, interweaving scenes together. Lights flash upon and by the band too, making it appear as though they're performing in a lighter than air scenario, all while they're grounded on stage.

The effect, while simple, helps to carry along the drippy soft rock song, and it's fitting for such a quiet track to have such a simplistic music video.



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