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Coldplay pics needed


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as some of you know, im doing this coldplay fan site/workshop

you can see some stuff, like lyrics, informatino on the band and more here: http://www.tra-lala.net/coldplay but it isnt done yet


i was working on the pictures tonight, and just wanted to know if anyone wanted to send me any to put in it. i got most of the pics already online from the board, i took like 2 days going through any thread that might have any pics in, like "post you fav pics of coldplay" "post pictures of gorgeous chris" "piccies of Mr Berryman" and others


but if you have any pictures that u'd like to send me, post here, please


you can see the pictures page here: http://www.tra-lala.net/coldplay/picgal_index.php

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I´m not working on the will site and the berryism site (well, yes I am) but not for the moment. I´m waiting for my domain to get activated and then I´m going to transfer these sites to my domain and start working on the buckland one. Both buckland and champo will be fanlistings... hope I can manage all these things (plus my personal page and blogs...)

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