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Everglow Piano Chords


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Been meaning to respond to this.. about the fill after the first verse.


So your right hand will be on the octave above middle C. You will play (right hand): D, B, D, B, F#, D, B, G#, B, F#


First note, you will play C# octaves on base with left hand (bolded D above), all the way until you reach the bolded B (bolded B above), where you switch to A octaves on base.


That is the first part of the fill..


The second part is (and it's important to note on the second part of this fill, your right hand is moving down an octave to middle C.)


right hand: D, B, D, B, G#, D, B, G#, B, E, D#


left hand: on bolded D note above, you will play E base octaves, and on B bolded above, you will play B base octaves.


This same exact fill is used again later on as well.


Hope this is pretty helpful.

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