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I know this is just another reality show.

But, I just finished watching it and I must say that I like the Bachelorette much better than the Bachelor. I wasn't sure if I'd like Meredith as the bachelorette, but so far I'm not annoyed.

My fave part are the eliminations when she whispers 'will you accept this rose' and they also whisper back to her 'yes'.

Anyone watch this show? Any favorites?

So far it looks like she's really liking Rick.

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this is the second season of the Bachelorette. But I think there have already been around 4 seasons of the Bachelor. I'm not sure.

I looove the eliminations! I love how they have to prolong the last rose. And the host guy always has to come out and say, 'this is the last rose', then leave. So obvious! We can see there's only one choice left!


Which season are they showing there blangy? The one with Trista?

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nah..i'm not into it, nor the male counterpart to it. i did see the one where they had that really really sex looking girl (black hair, big blue eyes) with two of her friends helping her along in getting rid of guys until only 2 remained...


i kinda got some pointers from that show as to 'what women like/dislike' in a guy, etc.


anything helps for a guy like me who nobody dates! :lol:

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hey! i'm the loser, if anyone. i don't catch the trends ('cuz of not watching the hit tv shows...i watch other stupid shows) when they're happening. then i wonder what is it that's making some guys tick with girls....they get to go on dates every weekend while i'm sulking... :rolleyes:



watching more pbs...hmm....you don't wanna be more like me, do ya? :lol: :lol:

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