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this is the thread for the lovers


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someone made my mood turn from kinda happy to a completely angry mood.


I need to calm down and listen to my man, Mr. Bowie...


*playing Heroes on my cd player*


I think I know what you mean now.


I didn't know your fiance is a Bass player, is he in a band?

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He was in a band, but one of the guitarrists got mad at the drummer. that guitarrist was supposed to be the lead singer (but he can´t speak english and he can´t sing :P), but the drummer got the leading singing cause he´s better. they started to argue and the drummer left the band. so did my fiance. well, the other guitarrist is the only person in the band that can stand that idiot guitarrist.

So I guess the band's over... :)


Here´s Sergio playing.... :love:



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