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r u a cd collector or a cd burner?


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I have WAY more burned Cds than store bought, in fact, I don't buy CDs, the real ones I have, I get as gifts or for free. :lol: Just the thinking about it, I sometimes purposely download more songs than I listen to just because the RIAA people piss me off.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think it's really important to support artists.

You'd be surprised how little money the artists actually receive, in fact they receive virtually nothing from your Target(or any retailer) CD purchases.

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artists receive roughly $3 for every unit sold, depending on their contract.


so believe it or not, if an artists sells a million copies of something, they really do make a lot of money for it.


also, believe it or not, major record labels lose money on 85% of their releases.


(not that i'm crying any tears for them, because the other 15%, your coldplays and outkasts and radioheads and U2's, make up for it)

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