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I really really REALLY need a job!!


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monster.co.uk doesnt like me..i've tried many a time...all i ever get is...you must be a graduate...you need this much experience...yada yada...thanks for trying though.


after i had just posted that i did find a job i might like to go for so im going to give them a call tomorrow.. fingers crossed eh? :D

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hi ya Sammie! you're only 16 and you wanna full-time job? didn't you have one job interview last week...i guess that didn't go off well :/ sowwie!


a brit friend of mine is into arts/embroidery/flowers etc... and i thot...may be, a flowershop girl kind-of a job might be nice for u. i dunno...i'm just blabbering on here. btw, where in england are u? is it a small town or a city? the kind of job u can get depends on that, too...


good luck, in any case!


if u need motivation or help, e-mail me.

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