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I have an idea..


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Hello guys,


my name is Dennis from germany. I love the Band and the Messages behind the great songs. So i had a great idea to present the concerts here in germany. I'm a owner of a german youtube channel with an community with over 420.000 follower and 120.000.000 views. so my idea was to took my camera and show a few snippets in my videos and follow coldplay to gelsenkirchen, london, berlin and hamburg. what do you think guys? i know that many fans here in germany or on the world would meet the band but i want not meet the band. my idea was to show the greatness of the concerts, the energy, the lights, the feelings and more. For me, as a coldplay fan, i want to share this with my community and more than them.


So what do you think of this idea? How possible is this? I don't know. Sorry for my english. I tried my best but you know. Germans and english is not always a good combination :D I look forward to your opinions.

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Its to hard for me to believe that the idea behind this project didn't happen. I need a connection to ther managament or label to ask for a primission to film on ther shows like a photograph.

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