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Happy Birthday Will!

Golden Magic

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I already said this in another thread, but happy birthday Will! :will: :drummer: :awesome:

Hi! I know this isn't the place. But how do I get to the A Head full of Dreams galleries for the North American shows on the app?? I'm having a very difficult time with the app. Thanks for your help



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Hi! Sorry to bother you again.

But I have a question.

Why can't I download photos in high resolution on some pages?

Like the one I just downloaded now, you see below. I mean, Coldplaying Twitter can download them in high resolution, why can't I? What and how do they? Thanks so much. I know it doesn't seem very important, but it is. Cause I run a facebook page, and I need these photos to publish.

Also here is the link to those pics, as you

can see how HD they are! Errr!



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