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Afraid of going to the concert alone


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I've never been to any concert when I was through the teenager period.

But this time, I couldn't help myself but buy a ticket because !!! Coldplay is coming to Brisbane!??

It's such a miracle that I can actually get to hear their music in live.

Thing is, I am newbie to Queensland (Australia) and have no success to make any friends yet.


I am so scared to go all by myself ;-(

Especially when I am in line, waiting for the gate to open - that is the time, I'll be soooooooooooo lonely.


Similar experience?

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That's the glory of the Board! Head to the show thread and check out if anyone you may know will be going or you may make a friend. I started here almost 10 years ago and found friends and a home here where I have gone to almost all my Coldplay shows with. :)

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I've been to my first concert alone last year. It was pretty scary at first having anxiety already. I didn't queue up but went in just after the queue started moving, waiting for the show to start on my own was a long wait. There was this couple that was even taller than me, I don't know how but this got us talking a bit. Shortly after this the show started and all the worry I had, poof, gone, had a great time.


So if you end up meeting up with people from this site, meeting people in line, meeting people inside, or even not, you'll have a good time!


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I know your feeling exactly. It's not as much fun to go alone, especially if everybody around you seems to be in a couple or group. Here is Some advice in case you don't find someone on Coldplaying to meet up with for your show (which is always the best option, of course):


I basically went alone all three times I have seen Coldplay, and one time I felt especially lonely because I had wanted to go with someone who then, a few days before, said he didn't wanna come anymore ! So while I was waiting, I just talked to people here on Coldplaying about it, and it was very helpful. Some of them said they wanted to watch the Periscope and I knew they'd be here "in spirit" and it raised my mood somehow.

Try to make contact with people before and behind you in the queue. That's also helpful in case you need someone to keep your spot in the queue for example. I'm very shy so I don't make contact easily, but sometimes you just have to force yourself to do it.

During one of the concerts a woman sat next to me who was alone too and was genuinely pleased when she found out it's the same for me, and we talked a lot before the show. I would also be happy if I was alone and someone would make contact, so go for it ! You will notice from the person's reaction and if she continues talking whether or not she wants to talk, so no need to be worried.

I know it's more difficult when people sitting around you are all couples or groups, I have had that too and it's indeed easy to feel like the loneliest person on earth then.

But once the show starts just focus on it, and when 50.000 people sing the Viva Chant it's hard to feel alone !

So don't be scared - life is for living and everybody here's got somebody to lean on ! :)

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