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Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

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I didn't understand why you want a webcam... I could get one, but don't count with my pic..... I'm horrible, that's what my brothers say, but maybe it's bnot that true ( my opinion doesn't count)...


I'll get the camera and let's see then....

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Hahahaha i am so bored I will post a piccie of me in a extremely ridiculous state.


Please note I am wearing caths necklace dont tell her.


I really dont know what has happened to my hair, cant be arsed fixing it, feel free to mock.



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Many laughs. At the state of myself. My hair is looking very like a birds nest in a side pony. Hahahaha i cant believe im letting you peeps see me like this. What you do in the name of boredom....... :lol:

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well maria you gave me the guts to post a picture of me being drunk and silly hehe please please dont laugh to hard cos i realy lost it there hehe my friend and i were kinda in the mood for taking pictures hehe

i hate this pic but im crazy enough to share it with ya

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You will all be pleased to know i have now washed my hair (condtioned it and everythin....i know!) and so no longer look like i have a bird nesting in my head.




So Nicolas how old bes you?

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