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Some random Coldplay questions...


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Hi everybody!


I'm pretty new here and I love this community! I kind of rediscovered Coldplay last fall and I am now

completely obsessed. I'm seeing them in Gothenburg in one week! Wieee!


Anyway, I have some random Coldplay questions that I hope you guys can help me with:


- I've read somewhere that they design some of their artwork and clothes themselves - I want to know more about that!

- About Guy being the shopper, and photographer, of the band.

- Any interviews with the guys about their respective instuments? I read an old one with Will the other day, but i want more!

- Anyone got the isolated bass lines from any songs? Like we now got to hear so beautifully in the beginning of AICTAIY!

- Chris sometimes adds "my love" to Yellow. Is there a story behind that or where does that come from?

- When did they start using confetti at concerts?


So, hit me with videos, articles, photos, links to other threads and anything that might answer my questions.



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i'm pressed for time right now but i can at least answer a couple of these for you:


confetti started in the VIVA tour. they would drop butterfly-shaped confetti during Lovers in Japan. for the MX tour, the confetti took the shape of the symbols for all the songs + butterflies. i'm not sure off the top of my head what all the confetti is/was for Ghost Stories and AHFOD because i never got my hands on any of that :P


as for Chris singing "my love" - Yellow isn't the only song he's done that on, i think, though it's certainly the one he does most often. it seems like it's just him improvising, no different than adding some extra "ah"s or "oh"s to a song in concert

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- Chris sometimes adds "my love" to Yellow. Is there a story behind that or where does that come from?


I remember that one day Chris said that sometimes they would like to change certain details on their songs but it's too late once the song is recorded and released.

So sometimes they change or add things for the live performances.

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