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What album/era is each band member?


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I was watching part of Live 2012 earlier, and it suddenly hit me that Chris's personality seems to line up with the MX era. Then I thought about what era each of the other members would be:

Jonny: Parachutes


Will: Viva la Vida

Phil: Ghost Stories?

Any other opinions?

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Neat topic!

Chris: AHFOD, because of his eternally positive outlook

Jonny: MX, because there's a mix of atmospheric guitar, guitar solos, and big guitar lines/riffs. I like to imagine he had fun making this album. He has some great stuff on AROBTTH though - with era defining riffs like in In My Place and GPASUYF. I feel like Jonny's musical personality has changed a lot through the years though, with more and more songs where he's front and center with each album.

Guy: Ghost Stories, because of Magic and the laser harp in Midnight - he must've felt like such a boss! Guy also seemed to play a big role in the production of GS, and I feel like he must've had the opportunity to nerd out a little fine tuning everything.

Will: VLVoDAAHF. This was the first time we got Will singing lead (on Death Will Never Conquer) and of course he totally shines on songs like Viva la Vida and Violet Hill. In fact there's not a bad song on this album when it comes to drums - they're all bangers. :D Speaking of Will as the quality control gatekeeper, that's definitely also an argument for VLV since it's such a tight album with songs that are universally liked. On the other hand, I think Will probably had a lot of fun doing all the electronic drums on Ghost Stories. I enjoy how he hybridized the approaches on AHFOD, with songs like Birds and Up&Up having a very interesting mix of electronic and acoustic drums.

Phil: Parachutes through X&Y - there from the beginning, and supposedly Swallowed in the Sea is his favourite song.

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