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  1. Saw this thread was bumped and they had a "Legends" auction? Wasn't that what Adventure of a Lifetime was originally called? I guess they started AHFOD before Mylo Xyloto was even done haha
  2. "Yeah as long as it's not DiCaprio"
  3. All I Can Think About Is You vs Miracles wow people really like all i can think about is you
  4. All I Can Think About Is You vs ALIENS
  5. Glad to see you back! I think it's amazing that this forum is still around-looking at some of the old threads is almost like a time capsule of their whole career.
  6. Happy birthday to the best bass player!
  7. Last week? When was the last time you looked at the stars? (no coincidenceūüėā)
  8. Not enough...my college campus closed so I had to go home. It's been harder to find motivation to do schoolwork. Although I like the internet for things like Coldplaying, I'm an extrovert who isn't the biggest fan of texting or online learning so this hasn't been great academically or socially. But I'm lucky I'm not fighting for my life in a hospital somewhere and I have a place to go home to. I've been trying to get back into running, watching Parks and Rec and although I usually hate cooking I have the weirdest urge to cook something. Any suggestions for a beginner?
  9. Makes sense-thank you for doing it!
  10. Thank you for redesigning it! Are the photos and search engine still processing? I've noticed not as many results for old threads come up when searched, and I couldn't open Coldplaying pages directly from Google without going to the main website.
  11. Trouble In Town vs Paradise
  12. Major Minus vs Warning Sign
  13. Violet Hill vs Major Minus
  14. Jonny's getting a lot of love here! Haha
  15. ...but Jonny is my second favorite. I agree with @dessertstealer that he's definitely extremely nice even if we don't personally know him, and it's incredible that such a big part of Coldplay's music goes unrecognized all the time. I can't believe he had trouble getting into his own concert once. I don't know if there's any part of any song that makes me feel things more than the guitar part at the end of The Scientist (Chris was right!). Also, none of them make me laugh without even trying like Jonny does. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, half the time it's a completely random joke. As much as I like him, I'd say Guy is more stereotypically mysterious while Jonny is truly mysterious. He doesn't fit the stereotype of a "mysterious person" since he's a hard person to describe. We don't know much about his personal life, what he's doing right now, why he chooses to make one specific comment in interviews, or why he never takes off his hat. He's an interesting and endearing person and amazing guitar player, and I wish more people knew who he is. Also as a marine science major in college that would do astronomy if I was better at physics, respect. But honestly all of them are amazing and now I want to write what I like about Chris, Will and Phil, but that would definitely defeat the purpose of this thread.
  16. My favorite is Guy because I really like bass in general. I feel like his parts are so underrated-even though no one ever talks about them or that he's arguably the second most famous member nowadays at least to any Instagram user, it's not because of his musical talents which is sad. His parts are kind of hidden in a lot of songs, but they have so much to offer once you listen for them and they enhance the music as a whole. He seems to be a good multi-instrumentalist as well (I'm pretty sure he's the only member other than Jonny to ever play a lead guitar part, he's pretty good at drums and percussion from what I've seen and although he doesn't seem to like to do so in recent years he's not a bad singer either, and he's played a variety of other instruments including the oud and sitar). He's also just an inspiring person in general with all the other things he's managed to accomplish over the years from joining another band to running a marathon to racing in Mille Miglia and creating a car magazine all while being a member of Coldplay, and it's cool that he's so unassuming at the same time-he doesn't seem to be a very conceited person. Synchro Sunday was such a great idea. Also, he clearly struggled a bit with happiness and fame/lack of fame when he was younger as he talks about in the documentary and may have not appeared to be the most friendly member, but he was able to make some life changes and now interacts with fans the most. And he's not bad looking either...
  17. Carolina*

    Lets talk

    The world is so scary recently as the virus spreads...I hope everyone here is doing well
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