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  1. Yes Have you ever seen the northern lights?
  2. From a new interview with Guy-looks like they're going to record as soon as soon as this is all over! Not exactly surprising but good to see it confirmed
  3. Saw this thread was bumped and they had a "Legends" auction? Wasn't that what Adventure of a Lifetime was originally called? I guess they started AHFOD before Mylo Xyloto was even done haha
  4. All I Can Think About Is You vs Miracles wow people really like all i can think about is you
  5. All I Can Think About Is You vs ALIENS
  6. Glad to see you back! I think it's amazing that this forum is still around-looking at some of the old threads is almost like a time capsule of their whole career.
  7. Happy birthday to the best bass player!
  8. Last week? When was the last time you looked at the stars? (no coincidence😂)
  9. Not enough...my college campus closed so I had to go home. It's been harder to find motivation to do schoolwork. Although I like the internet for things like Coldplaying, I'm an extrovert who isn't the biggest fan of texting or online learning so this hasn't been great academically or socially. But I'm lucky I'm not fighting for my life in a hospital somewhere and I have a place to go home to. I've been trying to get back into running, watching Parks and Rec and although I usually hate cooking I have the weirdest urge to cook something. Any suggestions for a beginner?
  10. Makes sense-thank you for doing it!
  11. Thank you for redesigning it! Are the photos and search engine still processing? I've noticed not as many results for old threads come up when searched, and I couldn't open Coldplaying pages directly from Google without going to the main website.
  12. Jonny's getting a lot of love here! Haha
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