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Aiko (Major Minus Reprise) - Coldplay (Piano Tutorial)


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Hey guys, here's a tutorial for one of my favorite instrumentals and one of the most beautiful pieces out there. Not sure why they did not release it, wish they would but here's a tutorial anyway :) Love how the chords have simple changes here and there and how the chord progression changes towards the end


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It's literally just Chris playing a few chords over and over again, yet you feel the exact emotion he is trying to convey. Incredibly talented human.


Or is this pretty much just Jon Hopkins reworking something from Major Minus? Do we have the full story on this track?

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Es literalmente solo Chris tocando algunos acordes una y otra vez, sin embargo, sientes la emoción exacta que intenta transmitir. Humano increíblemente talentoso


¿O es esto más que nada Jon Hopkins remodelando algo del Mayor Minus? ¿Tenemos la historia completa en esta pista? [/ QUOTE]



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