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  1. Hello from Lithuania! Nice to see a new member in the forum, you reminded me of a live version of green eyes by coldplay, the midsong blunder and the bonus track at the end gives me a smile everytime :)
  2. Just learned this piece on the piano, sounds even more amazing with an upright piano, thanks!
  3. I'm really glad you liked it, wasn't entirely sure about what to gift you, I went with something universal, what people usually like :) . I also forgot to put a christmas card inside the parcel, it was my first time doing an international shipment so I got a little nervous and the card just slipped out of my mind... Still!! On the card I wished you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, which I believe you'll have anyways!! :)
  4. Never did an international shipment, but what the heck, sign me up!
  5. They've done an amazing job on Kylie Minogue's song, love it.
  6. Sometimes it's all in the tuning and the chord shapes, Chris uses EADGBD tuning during his performance at the show, not sure how to call them, but he likes the "Fmaj7 style chords" which makes the guitar sound more warm and continous. CM uses a Martin&Co acoustic guitar and my best guess he uses medium bronze strings from the same manufacturer, so if you're looking for a similar sound I would recommend just buying a relatively new acoustic guitar (2010 or newer) with a set of bronze medium strings :)
  7. Just figured it's a different tuning, from standard tune the high E to a D, chords: Em7 Asus4 Bm11 Bm A G Em7 E|---0------0------0- ------0------0------0------0 B|---3------3------3- ------0------0------3------0 G|---0------2------2- ------7------6------4------0 D|---2------2------0- ------9------7------5------2 A|---2------0------2- ------9------7------5------2 E|---0------0------0- ------7------5------3------0 gone so far, still playing with some other chords
  8. Ok so obviously he has a capo on 1 fret, the intro chords are some form of Em A and Bm, sounds like a standard tuning. Chords at the intro and verse imo: Em7 Asus4 Bm11 E|---0------0------0---- B|---3------3------3---- G|---0------2------2---- D|---2------2------0---- A|---2------0------2---- E|---0------0------0----
  9. Here you go, most of the chords, he did use open E, not sure if i'm missing something, cheers! E Emaj7 E7 A Am E|---0----0----0----0----0---- B|---0----0----0----5----5---- G|---4----4----4----6----5---- D|---6----6----6----7----7---- A|---7----6----5----0----0---- E|---0----0----0----5----5----
  10. Hey Kyle, didn't know you were on this website, thanks for all the piano tutorials on youtube, you rock!

  11. KenzoCK


    Hello, nice to meet you! When did you start listening to Coldplay?
  12. The first song I heard was The Scientist, It was the song that got me into piano and guitar. This song to me is the most influential :)
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