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REN....are u still hiding or just avoiding us?

punks united

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:o Juliaaaa is back...my aussie sex goddess!! **hugssss**


i'm actually doing pretty okay for a friday evening! lol


it's about to start snowing here for the first time this winter seasonnnnn and i can't hardly wait!!! :-)


and i also get monday off as a paid holiday...President's Day! :-) most people don't get this holiday...so i hope to have some fun! :cool:

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

aussie sex goddess eh..? hmm i like it! :lol: :P

it's good to know you're doing well mate!! :D

snow?! i wish it was snowing here. it's gonna be 41 degrees here today. which is waaaaay too hot. esp when i have to play netball in like 3 hours! :(

and i haven't been coming on here cos i haven't had any time! seriously!

hehe glad to talk to you again *hugs* :blush: :kiss: :kiss:





p.s hi ren :kiss:

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41 degrees! :o wow...that's like almost 100 or more in farenheit degrees...


and yep, i can understand how you can be busy with school work and stuff...hope it's not too hard on you, though! :-)


indeed very happy to talk to you again too! :-) i didn't think u cared to talk to me so much! :D by the way...i've added my pics on one of the pics threads in here....i too didn't wanna show my face on here, but i guess i relented! hehe...so check it out when you're free....and hey...when are you gonna fix your scanner?? :angry: :P you'd said that you will get it fixed and then you will be able to post your pics...so now post 'em, missy! :P :P


Take careeee lil princess! :kiss:

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