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REQUEST: a much better studio version of the title track

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Hello fellow Coldplayers. Now, you may not be aware, but a couple of years back I decided to try and remake AHFOD (the album) and, to be honest, looking at the (sort of draft) result, I wasn't satisfied. I didn't dedicate myself to that project, had many issues with some of the tracks (some of which weren't even mine to begin with, they were done by other people), and overall, it was probably one of the most half-baked things I've ever done.


One of the biggest annoyances on that 'remake' was my version of the title track, 'A Head Full Of Dreams', which I essentially just took out the bass to try and hear the guitar more and slotted in the live version at the end in a much poorer quality. Multiple other people on this forum have also tried to re-create this track, but in my opinion, no one has come as close as @nowayme. His version was probably the nearest thing we could've got to the live version.


HOWEVER, I'm sure we can get closer. Despite how good that version is, it's still got plenty of issues (e.g. that 'bubble-like' synth effect that mimics the bass being extremely loud). In my honest opinion, I don't think the AHFOD tour version of the song is even the best version. I think that title has to go to the 2015 live performances of the song:






When I first heard this song on it's initial debut (the Belasco gig), I couldn't help but love everything about it. On that performance of the track in particular, I can hear all of the guys' instruments, less of the annoying sound effects (they're still there but they're very faint in the mix) and an extended Color Spectrum 'sparkles' outro. I also prefer Jonny's guitar intro without the slides. Also, as much as I love the Charlie Chaplin speech, the ambience of the Color Spectrum sample on it's own is beautiful in it's own right.


If anyone could attempt to get anywhere near close to the versions above, it would single handedly transform this track from a poorly produced pop rock song into an absolute anthem. Maybe we could get the guys to give it a listen, too.


To make this track, we'll need to do the following:

- extend the Color Spectrum intro

- have Will's drums come in straight away instead of a fade in

- put Jonny's guitar MUCH higher in the mix

- put Guy's bass higher in the mix

- remove the handclaps

- put the 'bubble-like' sound effects lower in the mix

- remove the echo on Chris' vocals

- have the climax of the song be like the live version (drums, bass and guitar all higher in the mix)

- add the Color Spectrum/'sparkles' outro instead of it just ending

- remove the slides from Jonny's guitar intro

- create a version WITH the Chaplin intro and WITHOUT the Chaplin intro (so we can have an album version & a tour version)


Perhaps, if this is a success, we can try and do it with some of the other tracks on the album too, and, as a forum recreate AHFOD as a much rawer sounding album.

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I kind of already did that here:


I doubt with what we have as raw material you can get any closer.

i love your version, without a doubt. you are right in terms of what we have that the band have given us...but we could re-record sections or even try to use audio from live performances (obviously not the way i did it).


i'm determined to get it closer, cause i feel like it can totally be if mulitple people get involved.


it's just an idea, but it's one that's been in my head for ages.

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The Stargate effect. 'Church' and the AHFOD title track are both some seriously great opening tracks that have been pulverized by Stargate, the use of a cheap Yamaha keyboard drumbeat demo, and making Jonny (arguably the highlight of each song) almost non existent in the recording. It boggles my mind how Coldplay continue to work with Stargate. (Maybe Church was leftover from the AHFOD era, but they still wish they'd never been working with them in the first place)


Imagine if Eno had produced either of those tracks...

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