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The Guy Berryman Dream/fantasie Thread :-) hehe


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did you ever had a dream about this guy?? if so we want details! just be honest hehe!



i did had a couple of dreams about mr guy berryman! but ill start with one :) he worked in a restaurant(incl hotel) and i was having dinner with my mum and as soon as i saw him i couldnt stop staring at him :D he had such beautifull eyes! well it went like that for a while and my mum asked for the check and we payed him and offcourse we gave him tip :)

well i had to go to the toilet b4 we would go back to my house and whil i was walking towards the toilet i felt a hand on my shoulder asking me to wait! and it was guy!he started frenchkissing me and he had his eyes closed and i was standing there i was all frozen! he took me to the mens room and it got a bit hot in there and i have to say he has a great body hehe but as soon as things started to get more interesting i woke up :cry:



but yeah that was about it hehe :D

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Well its not dirty as yours angela! But when i was at the cp concert in november *sighs and takes a little recoverybrake and dry tears of eyes* i just talked to my girlfriend before we went to sleep. We both hoped to dream about it... And i did! I dreamt that me and her were going home from the concert and were taking the buss and the guys came running to join, they had to go home aswell. and we were smiling and talking and i sat in the back of the buss with guy (aka Chris) and talked and he just loved me! don't remember what we talked about( :( ) but remember telling guy (aka Chris) that cheese is called ost in danish and we all laughed and then he spoke with that lovely accent of his.

Well, not as juicy - but i was daydreaming about it for days!

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