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Ever had a shopping spree?


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wish i had a gf to go with to the mall...wudn't mind giving her a spree on her b-day or somehing :D










arghhhhhh now i'm just being sentimental! :angry: :angry:


nope, i'd prefer sitting at home instead of going to a mall for shopping for clothes i'm not even buying! :stunned:

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Wow Maya sounds good! :stunned: :)


I went shopping after my birthday and bought


1 long-sleeved top

1 gorgeous Gap jumper

1 shirt

1 pair of Miss Sixty jeans ( :stunned: - well there was £10 off :dozey: )

1 pair of boots, 1 pair of flat shoes

1 bag


Came to about £170, but I've been totally broke since, so I have can't afford to go anywhere and show off my wonderful new clothes! :rolleyes:

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Wow two hours!! :stunned:


I'm really fussy so I'll see things and decide to walk around for a bit and think about it, so it takes me friggin' ages to shop. :rolleyes:


Yeah, same here... usually. But it was my last day in London, had a few hours left till I had to leave so I did it all rather quickly :lol: bought a few things I regretted buying afterwards but I also bought 3 Stereophonics CDs and a Stereophonics video tape :cool:

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