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The Scientist - Right hand ringing out help


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Hi all,

I've learnt how to play The Scientist by following Gabriele Passarelli's video on YouTube here, however I'm having a problem whenever I go to play the second part here. As you can see, the right hand causes a "ringing" sound emitted from the little finger and thumb which is where the really nice sound that so many of us pick up comes from. When I go to play the exact same chord, I'm not getting no where near that sound (please see file attached). Fortunately I have a Kawai MP9000 and adjusting mine to match his on this video, I also do not get the same sound.

It seems like the middle two fingers are drowning out the sound. Do you not hit these fingers as hard as the outer (little finger and thumb) fingers?

Can someone tell me what I may be doing wrong please?

Thank you,


The Scientist - Second part help.mp3

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I usually hit my right thumb a little harder and play it 'disconnected' from the chord itself (if that makes sense?). I made a synthesia tutorial while playing along to the BBC Radio 1 performance in Exeter, maybe that helps. I didn't record it on the MP9000 though but with the 'current' AHFOD sound. Back when I had an MP9000, I just set the voicing to bright to match the sound (if I remember correctly).


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