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yeah, i collect cds, and dvds, i mean, i want to collect, my collections is pretty small, but i think the collecting ship has been rning in my familly, my dad had a huge colection of vinyls, then he sold them all for cds, now he has about 1,500 cds..., counting the double cds as one cd. my brother and my mom also have a big cd collectino, my is still small, since i collectd b4 backstreet boys, n sync, britney spears and others cds and stuff, then i started burning cds, then i threw out all my old-pop cds, and ym burned cds..


my good cds(coldplay, phantom planet, hot hot heat, foo fighters and others), go up to 25



ill get to 1,500 one day!, just like my dad :rolleyes:

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:lol: :lol: oh god! noooooooooooo


I have like cow products (and I don't mean milk etc..haha :dozey: )

my friends always buy me like things with cows on it and all...

I even have a cow novelty straw :idea2: :dozey: :rolleyes: :lol:


If I had anything Carla suggested, I would probably be sick :stunned:

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