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Coldplay’s “Politik” and YouTube


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Yesterday I got inspired to revisit Coldplay’s official YouTube page and re-listen to their “Politik” song.

So when I the page loaded, I noticed someone new [ please see image attachment ].


Someone managing their YouTube account has disabled everyone from commenting on their “Politik” song and this has me outraged.

I’m 32 years old and I’ve seen the growth of the internet for quite some time however I whole-heartily disagree with this idea of silencing voices, thoughts, opinions and ideals on this grand place the internet.

The video itself was uploaded on 2014…we can’t see it now but mentally-picture just how many comments this video had. All those individuals sharing their experiences both positive and negative with this song, all forcefully shut-up. Depressing.

I argue “Politik” is one of Coldplay’s best and for me to discover the comments have been disabled… it’s a dark time for me. This whole idea of “Cancel Culture” needs to stop. Dunno about the rest of y’all but I tend to enjoy surfing through all the comments as I enjoy the music. It’s a nice leisure activity for me; it’s not like Coldplay dislikes fan interaction either, I clicked on “Clocks” and sure enough comments was active. In other Coldplay songs they tend to support the idea of free expression; to quote the lyrics from “Square One”,

`` From the start in your own way

You just want

Somebody listening to what you say

It doesn't matter who you are ``

Asked my friend to for advice before I published this topic because I might have more to learn from her views, she suggested that maybe the social-media team managing for Coldplay possibly got less favorable posts on that video for some reason and instead of banning a few black-sheep and doing surveying work etc they simply disabled comments because it was the easier way out.

To be completely fair, I don’t know the true reason for this decision however… 

Last year in September (2020), I visited the official Coldplay YouTube channel to listen to “Politik” and comment WERE visible and abundant. The only aspect I noticed from last year were a few folks discussing the September 11th terror attacks and how the song reminded them of that tragic event. I can understand why maybe PR wouldn’t like that talk, associating Coldplay with terrorists or death or what have you however the comments I read were well-worded and folks tended to be respectful.

I don’t like this idea of ripping voices from the general public. Sure at the end of the day this might be a quote, `First world problem` however it hurt, I felt betrayed when I saw that notice.

I would like to start a discussion, what do you the rest of you think about this decision? Were you even aware of this change? Think comments on “Politik” will return? Think Coldplay official YouTube will disable all the rest of Coldplay's song’s comments going forward?


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my original title wasn't that good, felt like changing it
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49 minutes ago, TealAppeal said:

Hope they'll fix it then.

It won't be. It's not a glitch and it applies to every auto-generated music video on YouTube (although some have been abandoned, so some will unofficially keep the comments section - some even have the old layout!).

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  • TealAppeal changed the title to Coldplay’s “Politik” and YouTube
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(I'm new of the forum)

THis song was really inspired by the tragedy of 9/11 and Chris write the song in the piano few days after the tragedy, Chris Martin confirmed that in interview at the time of released of the album. This became more emotional. This song was epic and the subject was very sad and so much emotional. A piece of art.

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