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International Women Day


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congratz to you goddesses.... :) some of you make me cry...others cheer me up! it's just hard to be without women, u know...every day should be Women's Day!



on another note, Jane Fonda and Marissa Tomei (she's so cute!) are in Bombay (Mumbai) in India to participate with some Indian stage actresses to perform "Vagina Monologues" to commemorate the Womens Day. :stunned:

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I dunno...I never had the occasion to gift lingerie to any girl before! :stunned: :lol:



but I plan on doing that if someone would give me that chance! :sneaky: :D


however, i know Victoria's Secret....and it's an expensive sercret! :o


:lol: :lol:

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Ross sees Monica's spray-on tan and decides to get one himself, but when he goes into the tanning booth he keeps forgeting to turn around so ends up with an extremely deep tan on his front and nothing on his back. It's a lot funnier than I describe it. :rolleyes:

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