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Japanese Bonus Tracks


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On Amazon UK there is a listing for a CD of Music Of The Spheres with Japan-only bonus tracks, which costs an eye-watering £36.20 (presumably because it is a Japanese import). The listing says it will be released on the 5th of November and includes two extra tracks. Does anybody know if this is real and, if it is, what the extra tracks are?

I'd hate to have to go to Japan just to listen to The Race.

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I just came back from Japan and I bought several Japanese editions of Coldplay cds. (except Music of the Spheres because I think that the Tiesto mix is really dull)

Did anyone compare the mastering differences ?

I think the Everyday Life cd (with Flags in it) very clear, compared to the European cd.
But maybe I'm crazy.

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I'd have to listen to both to hear any difference. I'm listening to Orphans from the normal UK release of the album (ripped to WAV files) and it sounds nice and clear. I have come across badly mixed CDs but it doesn't sound noticeably bad, Could you give some specific examples? I also have the high-quality MP3s included with the record release, which is slightly better than the CD one but not majorly. I only have Flags on iTunes.

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It's probably just an impression.
For a year, my audiophile equipment was broken so I just listened to Coldplay via Spotify or ripped tracks.

It's really a pleasure to listen again to my cds... and this time, my "new" japanese cds.

I heard a long time ago that Japanese cds were pressed differently than the european cds, but it might be a myth.

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