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How many of you guys dance?

Sweet One

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glad that u showed the effort!



i bet i'd at least try it...if i had to win someone's heart! :cool:



that reminds of that Home Improvement episode where Timmy the Tool Main Taylor buys his wife a class for 2 to learn ballroom dancing for their anniversary 'cuz he doesn't know how to dance and she always wishes he'd learn....


I LOVED that show sooo much!! :-) they'd always patch things up...wish i'd find a wife like that! :cool:

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:o :lol: I think you're taking this dancing thing a little TOO seriously..hahaha..


anyhoo..i'm off to work on a paper. ciao for now! :blush:


at 93, that paper would be your will? :rolleyes: :P


i'm taking dancing too serioulsly? you must be kidding me! :stunned: :P



bye! and dont ever dance wif moi again! :rolleyes:

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