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Bridget Jones' Diary


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i watched this yesterday for the millionth time..but it isnt boring me..yet!

its great :D

has anyone else seen it?


i like the part when they're in the boat on the lake and when daniel cleaver aka hugh grant falls into the water...bridget is laughing...makes me laugh every time coz it sounds so non-acted if u know what i mean :lol:



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I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!! I think Renee Zellweger is so good in it....I like Colin Firth too...It's a great film..i haven't seen it in a while though..i wanna see it again!! :lol:

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy colin firth and his rudolph jumper :D


heheheh so cute tho :shock: :lol: :D

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yeah that part was awful :o



poor bridge

she seems like someone i'd want to be friends with tho!! fun :D


I know!! She seems like friendly gal..her friends are hilarious though!! Especially the guy..i dont' remember what his name is..it was cool how they were just gonna leave and go on holiday to Paris..how cool is that? :)

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Yeah' date=' and the final scene with them kissing in the snow AT LAST! Sooooo romantic![/quote']

i'm psysicaly freezing my BUT of when i watch that scene. the book is great to.


The book is great....and that last scene is so sweet..when he puts his coat around her and everything...awww.... :D

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