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wwaaaa...I broke my leg :(

Jeff Gordon

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I broke my left leg on Friday....me and dad were riding our dirtbikes and i wanted to jump "Canyon Hill" and he said, " no Jeff don't"...and I did anyway...and I got so much air and my back wheel hit the edge on landing and I went down 10 ft :cry: .....I never seen my dad cry b4...I guess he was scared.. sorry dad :(


now I can't play soccer or sk8 or ride my bike...this sux!!!!! :angry:

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oh...I was wondering the last days where were you????.....now I know..... :(



me hopes you get better soon!...and pleaseeeeee...take care! :) ...I don´t wanna lose my fav boy! ;)


awwww...I'm ur fav boy???..woohoo....thanx Joyce...I'm feeling better already...hey maybe u can come over and help me get better quicker ;)

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of course you are!!


cause you´re smart as me! :D :P ;)



come over and help you???...that sounds gud!....but ...you´re 13...I´m 21...your parents are going to say: "Jeff...you won´t go out for a few years and the internet is over!! :dozey: ... :lol: ...keep studying and get a 12´ girl honey...!!!!!...I´ll be checking you over here! :smug: ;)

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