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wwaaaa...I broke my leg :(

Jeff Gordon

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I've broken my leg twice, the 2nd time led to pins (But luckily the bone grew back superbly!). The first time was when I was only 7, falling off a snow hill, that was a good like 15feet apparently, and you'd think landing in the soft snow wouldve been fun, but nooo. The 2nd time was when I was only 9, being stupid enough to jump off something really high, doing a frontflip.


Christ, I used to be such a stupid, stupid kid. The last time I broke something was quite a while ago now, I play it safe. ;)


Feel better Monsieur Gordon, the cast iis always so damn annoying and itchy. My skin reacts badly to casts, goes completely red for a long time.

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Oooh man it was killer, especially when I was a kid.


But when I was 13 and broke my foot AND ankle it didnt put me off geting exercise because by that point I was lifting weights, and I focused a lot on my upper body strength for a couple of weeks.


I'd do that if I were you. If youre not really into weights and stuff, you may as well try it anyways, it'll keep you fit and strong for when you get out of the cast.

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jeff, i hope you're doing alright!

i could have broken my wrist today, i was lucky. damn, my bike is an object of the devil. i put my brakes on too fast and flew forward headfirst without a helmet. so my face is kind of scratched up and i need to wear a bandage around my wrist for a week or something.


how long are you in a cast for jeff?

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