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I've noticed..


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I watch a lot of enertainment shows. On VH1 and E!, and they ALWAYS use Coldplay songs in the background, most commonly clocks, yellow, and in my place. It drives me insane because they don't actually talk about them. rawr.

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It isn't really advertisements..but once it was quite funny because they were talking about bad fake tans and you could hear " it was alll yellow"



that and they talk about gwynie and apple a lot, but of course they don't talk about chris, who kinda helped out making apple..ya know?

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in a catalan tv show... they use a lot ''in my place'' ''the scientist'' and ''clocks''

yes, most of the times they don't speak of coldplay while they are using these songs... but it makes me to be listening to what they are saying... :P it's a good program and i like it, and if they use these songs.... hehehe it's better!!


and now... when they talk about gwyneth they used coldplay music as well :P (in any program)

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