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i stepped on a water moccason today.


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it's head was abut as thick as a freash banana and prolly 2 and a half feet i stepped on it and it scurried off. i looked at it for a while and thought......that was a snake....i just stepped on it....that rocks! i didnt even get freaked out it was like once i saw what it was i was like "i am god and you are the ant under the magnifiying glass" i felt superior. even though it should have attacked because i stepped on its tail. yea just thought id let ya know. :wink3:

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haha at the creek by my house....it was weird....i think ima be the next crocodile hunter didnt freak me out at all. i could have picked it up if i wanted to but it slithered off. :rolleyes: :embarrased: :cool:

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