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bands you haven't

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Id love to see, franz ferdinand, keane, snow patrol....when they start touring again im defo rading my bank lol


I can`t wait till V im soooo exited....iv gotta wait all day for Muse lol :rolleyes: :lol: ...I wanna see if Matt is tiny :idea2: :lol:

I'll ring ya during them 3 at oxegen if I remember :)

and matt is fairly tiny :stunned: :lol:


Aww you are a star :D ....Hehe aww bless him, well im only tiny, i dunno how im gonna see him :stunned: :lol: ...I`ll ring you at V if i have any cred left it cost me £3 t phone you the other nite when on Virgin it cost me £1 :rolleyes: You`ve gotta hate T-Mobile lol

seriously!? that's she-hite! It doesn't cost me muchos to ring you...well I don't know how much but I know it's not alot :idea2: :rolleyes:

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Bands I haven't seen live and really want to see are:

Keane, the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Darkness :P:P:P just kidding about the last one! LOL! Hell no!!!


however I wouldn't mind seeing Muse, Radiohead and of course Coldplay again!!!!!

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