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  1. You all remember the 'we all fall in love sometimes' cover they did? Strongly getting the same minimal, bittersweet feeling with this song Peacefully beautiful I'd say :rolleyes:
  2. Wow, Had an amazing dream about the release this night, sunset was very very rythmic, Beyoncé and Thom Yorke were both involved:eek: Unfortunately woke up before the sunrise part started, so will have to wait for Orphans tonight to hear what the second part sounds like....:rolleyes::laughing:
  3. Tursday 8:30 pm, high chance of new single! According to the countdown:)
  4. Let's just hope the leak of this song was manipulated by some crazy bastard and that the studio version has piano and guitar all over it
  5. Up & Up could've been very very very great. But now, Stargate just fuck Up & Up Up. Still a great song, but such a pitty... Sometimes you just have to know when a certain instrument or tune doesn't fit a (part of the) song. By putting those electronic drums in, they really failed on this part of the production. If there will be a next album, I'll surely advise them not to go in studio with them again!
  6. New coldplay song+ CM interview at zane lowe's show pushed back to tomorrow
  7. I can't find any news of this premier apart from a tweet atlas project sent out about three days ago. So I guess, no. Anyone knows how zane revealed he is going to premier a new coldplay song wednesday?
  8. Do you think this is going to be the song premiered at zane lowe's show tomorrow?
  9. Let's be honest with eachother. This was not the song we were hoping for. Although most of you like it, you also know coldplay can do much much better.
  10. I'm sorry People, you're right and it's not Really an electronic or overproduced song. I was Just posting this because I was sad I didnt like the song and I was trying to find reasons why. I guess I don't Really like this poppy slow feeling of the song like Ghost stories also had . I think their melodies are not getting close to the beautiful melodies they used to write. Coldplay seem to be heading in a direction I dont like and I am a bit sad about that. With the songs I considered to be better I also meant songs like 'Amsterdam' 'See you soon' 'Gravity' etc.
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