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  1. March. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah Make you wanna move your dancing feet now

  2. hey my fav tribe..it has been quite a long...but following, reading and loving you all...morning! it's sunny outside and it feels like dancing :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL_rrSg-oKE Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL_rrSg-oKE
  3. February. Mwah! ...stay optimistic and positive about the life changes.

  4. Merci mon bebe! :* i will for sure find him on soundc
  5. depeche mode....and they are in the middle of campaign called: Coming soon!!!! wooohooo!
  6. kids and music (dancing) reading writing sea and swimming, nature nutella and italian food (love cooking) traaaaveling! :D
  7. jesus, i became obsessed with their new song..on and on and on and on..endlessly :) oh that bass.... it creates echoes in my stomach :D
  8. But ofcourse coldplay version of both song and colours dust are waaay much better :D
  9. Love sunrays on first one And this little fellow was not shy at all. He just came to me and spent some time with me while i had my coffee time :D
  10. Hahaha oh my oh my....jesus please with the cherry on top let them play I ran away :) <3
  11. I have some deep connection with philly...so tonight even from europe i will feel like i'm there since it is philly...need to change not so nice memories from there into something colorfull and this concert gives me hope to do it...i'll be virtualy and spiritualy there tonight wooohooo give me fireworks tonight babe :D :D :D
  12. .... Or... "but the beatifullest treasures lie in the deepest blue" ;) Must say it sounds painful but it's true
  13. Is it just me not being quite active or...but it looks like cp forum is a bit quiet with usa tour gigs?! :) strange to see 1 or 2 pages of comments or none :D
  14. Well it sounds like a good idea to get back to ghost stories tonight...maybe some live version :)
  15. hey tribe...just to stop by and say hello and to send some love :D right now listening to something i adore, feels like my alterego #mermaidInLove with amazing parov stelar
  16. hmmmmm leave it for tomorrow and now just go to sleep or count sheep ...night night :)
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